Hamish’s Nordic Academy/ Hamish’s Strength and Conditioning Academy.

Mission Statement: To promote the use and enjoyment of Orienteering, Nordic Walking, and Fitness Training to all age groups.

 Nordic Walking

I am a National Trainer with British Nordic Walking. Research has shown that Nordic Walking has many health benefits, providing whole of body exercise.. I am keen to promote this sport both in schools where it has been shown to help young people who aren’t keen on exercise to do more exercise and amongst adults in the Rossendale and Burnley areas. As a National Trainer, I  run courses for people who want to become Instructors.

Fit Kids 10-17 yrs old. Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning for young people and adults.

Although I started coaching as an Orienteering coach I have always seen the need to improve young people’s fitness. I feel that as a whole unless you are an elite athlete young people don’t get a very good deal when it comes to Strength and Conditioning.  In The U.S. most high schools have gyms with Strength and Conditioning coaches. In this country that luxury is in the main reserved for independent schools. Fit Kids was set up to redress this.

As I Level 4 Strength and Conditioning coach I can offer a full range of services to improve both general fitness and sport-specific training programmes. at any level. Most of my training is done online although I am happy to do face-to-face training in Rossendale Lancs. Speed and Agility sessions may also include some power training tack pack at Marl Pits Running Track.

My youth training sessions have been very successful with all my young clients showing an increase in endurance and speed within a few weeks. The sessions are geared to different ages and conducted in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


Between 2009 and 2013 I worked for British Orienteering and local clubs as a coach working at all levels of ability. This included working in Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, running after-school clubs, and coaching university orienteering clubs. My role has also been to develop participation, coaching in various Orienteering Clubs across the Northwest. I have coached all age groups from 7 to 70.


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