It is widely accepted that children are weaker now than in previous generations. This is mainly down to the fact children play out less  and the cutting back on the time spent in schools on physical activities. However, we also know that physical exercise is important for academic development. Fit Kids was set up to help children who are not into sports as well as children who play sport regularly. I look to develop Agility, Balance, and Coordination in the younger years. Strength and range of motion are also worked on. Strength is provided by resistance training and this can be provided not just by specific exercise but also by playing games.

The girl in this picture recently represented GB at the World BMX Championships in Belgium. This is what her mother had to say.

‘My daughter has been doing the junior strength and fitness for a few months now. We have really noticed a difference in her fitness, her ability to recover after her BMX racing and her attitude to training and nutrition. Thanks, Hamish 👋👋’

Fit Kids Gym Sessions for juniors aged 6-16. Please click on the links below to book or for more information.

Junior Fit Kids Tuesdays 4-5 pm

Senior Fit Kids Wednesdays 4-5 pm

If there is a requirement Saturday afternoons 3-5 pm

Group sessions are available


Location The F3 studio at The Studio The Basement of The Old Chapel, Bury Rd, Rawtenstall BB4 6EH

Contact me for details or book via the above links.


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