Gym Sessions for juniors aged 9-16.

Tuesdays 4-5pm

Wednesdays 4-5pm

If there is a requirement Saturday afternoons 3-5pm

Cost £2.50 per person groups welcome but numbers are limited to 10.

Location The F3 studio at The Studio The Basement of The Old Chapel, Bury Rd, Rawtenstall BB4 6EH

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I as a certified Junior Strength and Conditioning Coach I  work with 7-17 years olds. This is not just a matter of watering down adult exercises but working using Long Term Athlete Development principales. This means understanding the different development stages  young people go through. 

I am a member of the International Youth Conditioning Association which encourages members to develop young people for all sports as well as general fitness. I am  a Youth Fitness Specialist with the IYCA. As well as a Junior Strength and Conditioning Coach.

I work with young people across all sports and activities,  I have a large number of training programmes available to suite all age groups and most sports.

I recently spent a day with members of the Welsh and West Midlands Junior orienteering Squads. I went through basic ROM assessments followed by an introduction to Strength and Conditioning using both body weight and resistance bands. This was followed by a session on nutrition then some sprint and reaction training. The juniors were so enjoyed the session many of them went out and bought their own resistance bands.

I recently ran a Summer camp below are some pictures. The camp included fitness Nordic Walking and Orienteering.

The assault course was used as a fun way to do exercise. The group had input as to what obstacles to have. We also developed a game called ‘Putting Out The Forest Fire’. This included carrying equipment across the obstacles requiring teamwork.

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