Sessions take place at Marl Pits  BB4 7SW, every  Monday 8.45 am,  Wednesday morning at 9 am and Friday at 5.30 pm Contact me to book a place and confirm start times. Also, I run sessions at Heaton Park at 11 Am Mondays

Cost £6 including the hiring of poles. bookings through

There is a 20% off your first booking via Fibodo and you can book 6 sessions for the price of 5.

Why Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking has many health benefits from helping to recover from a wide range of conditions including Breast Cancer, Heart Diseases, Neck, and Shoulder pain, and lower back pain to help as part of a weight reduction programme, as well as giving a general feeling of well being.

So what is so good about Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking is whole of Body exercise using 90% of skeletal muscles as opposed to 70% with running. Because you are using poles you are applying less pressure on your lower limbs making it easier for people to rehabilitate after injury. It can also be done at any level of fitness from those just getting into exercise to people wanting to cross-train and prepare for Nordic Walking Races.

For examples of research on the benefits of Nordic Walking  please go to

What is important about benefiting from Nordic Walking is learning the correct method using the correct equipment. As a qualified instructor with British Nordic Walking, I teach the correct method of using Nordic Walking poles and provide you with quality lightweight poles for the sessions you have with me. It takes about eight sessions of approximately one hour to develop the right technique.

Nordic Walking is also a fun social sport and is a great way to exercise with friends.

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